fibrophos PK fertiliser - Phosphate and Potash fertiliser

Grassland, cereals, oilseed rape, peas, beans and potatoes have all been shown to thrive on fibrophos PK Phosphate and Potash fertiliser fed soils. Extensive trials show fibrophos to be a most effective source of P and K across the whole farm.

Raises Phosphate and Potash indices

fibrophos PK Fertiliser raises the soil Phosphate and Potash indices on the poorest land and packs the soil again with all the other nutrients that are needed by the growing crop, except Nitrogen. The immediate effect is increased yields across a much more productive, well-fed acreage.

fibrophos grades


Ideal for arable and grassland situations where a balanced PK is required.

High K

Perfect for lower Potash soils, silage or where extra potash is required.

Extra K

Where Potash demanding crops are grown.

Other Nutrients typically present in all grades

Secondary elements:

  •  Calcium
    18% as CaO
  •  Sulphur
    8% as SO3
  •  Magnesium
    4% as MgO
  •  Sodium
    4% as Na2O
Detailed facts, figures and trial results can be found here...

Trace nutrients:

  •  Iron
    4000 ppm as Fe
  •  Manganese
    1200 ppm as Mn3
  •  Copper
    300 ppm as Cu
  •  Boron
    130 ppm as B
  •  Molybdenum
    5 ppm as Mo
  •  Cobalt
    2 ppm as Co
  •  Selenium
    2 ppm as Se

Neutralising value 15% as CaO